you are fucking SICK! do you realise how many girls are dying each day because of what YOU are encouraging them to do!! how can u possibly justify yourself for what you are doing?! to top it all of you are basically nothing but a stupid 18 year old kid who likely to not even see her mid 20s at the rate your going... tho it might make for all those lives already lost to such an awful ilness that needs help not encouragement! you should be fucking shot! im definately shopping you on facebook

If you know much about anorexia, it’s not really my choice to be this way, it’s a psychological illness.. I’m 19, and yes I will make it to my mid 20’s I know the health risks of this and I know what’s to far.. It’s kind of rude to imply things like I should go die.. You never know what anyone is going through.. My mom died a couple years ago.. my dad is a drug dealer who lives half way across the province, I have no contact with my family, my adopted mom kicked me out when I was 17, I’m living with my boyfriend who’s family hates me, my boyfriend doesn’t let me see any of my friends because he has jealousy issues.. I miss my brother but can’t get in contact with him because my adopted mom blocked me on facebook and won’t answer my calls, I have a disability.. FAS.. not that you know what that is, I also have BDD, and bipolar, insomnia, and depression, I’m also high risk for cancer which has nothing to do with my eating disorder at all, it was because I was raped at 17 but I won’t go into that.. all verified by doctors.. I’m not trying to ramble on but most of these people are having a hard time in life and anorexia is a way to get control back in there life.. I know it’s bad but if you ever want to help a struggling person with anorexia.. support them, not what they are doing but support the person there’s usually a much deeper problem they need to deal with and need help with, they usually need someone to talk too.. saying rude remarks like this just make them feel even worse and depressed and if they are a self harmer like me it can trigger them to cut.. Also what’s shopping me on facebook lol.. Anyways have a good day.. xoxo..

If you have facebook, click the link above, send a request to join the group. It’s pro-ana but pro-mia’s are also welcome.. I will be approving everyone and feel free to post whatever you want because only group members can see what you post.. Re-blog so all your followers can join the group to.. ♥ *not a place for recovery, some posts may be triggering*